About Us

The CareCube is the only 24-hour AI caregiver. Utilizing a real-time machine intelligence monitoring solution the CareCube’s patent pending interactive technology can detect elder abuse and Medicare and Medicaid billing fraud. The CareCube proprietary cloud platform is the only software solution where consumers, insurers, home healthcare providers, caregivers, patients and their families can monitor the quality and cost of care being delivered in millions of homes across America and the globe.

Our Story


Today, more than 7.9% of the world population is 65 years or older. The figure is almost double for the United States at 14.9% or 47.8 million and growing. And now more than ever before, seniors and government and private insurers are favoring aging in place with at an astonishing 87% in agreement to the idea.

As a result the need for home health care services and caregivers has risen substantially and caused 34,000 caregiver agencies to be created and a growth of 41 percent which far outpaces other healthcare sectors growth.

Naturally, as an industry expands, the frequency of abuse also increases with 1 in 10 elders receiving abuse today.

Tracking of employees to ensure that seniors receive the right care, at the right time, is difficult with the current solutions offered in the market place until now.

The CareCube, the first 24 hour caregiver, offers a real-time continuous monitoring solution of seniors and their respective caregivers to deter elder abuse and healthcare fraud while creating a sense of awareness among caregivers and a safe environment for seniors receiving care.

Benefits of

A majority of home healthcare insurance billing fraud detection methods in use today heavily rely on statistical analysis of data produced and submitted by billing software solution used in home healthcare business management software. This method of detection has proven a resounding failure. Most medicare billing fraud cases result from submission by whisteblowers.  The central problem with these methods is that the fraud is detected after it has been committed which incurs significant financial losses for state and federal government payers and private insurers.

However, the CareCube’s patent pending methods while able to detect and record events of abuse, can for the first time ever, use the same multimedia environmental data for analysis and correlation with home healthcare provider billing data to detect and prevent billing fraud before the money is dispersed.

Patients and Families

  • Home health Caregiver environment tracking,
  • 24/7 monitoring of parents/grandparents,
  • Legal assurance for lawsuits,
  • Actionable real time biometric Data

Agencies & Government

  • Caregiver tracking,
  • Liability assurance,
  • Isolate fraudulent charges,
  • Monitor qualtiy of care


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