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CareCube is on a mission to transform the quality of health care people provide and get at home. America and the world as a whole is seeing a rapid growth in men and women 65 years and older. As are result the need for in home health care services has risen substantially. Unfortunately the expansion of the home healthcare industry has been matched with a growth in elder exploitation and abuse. The CareCube, as the world’s first ever 24h real-time senior home healthcare monitoring network will transform the home healthcare industry, by creating a sense of awareness among caregivers and a safe environment for seniors receiving care.

Each year $60 Billion Dollars are lost to Medicare and Medicaid billing fraud schemes.  That is $60 billion dollars of your hard earned tax payer dollars.

And Current solutions out there use predictive analytics which are expensive, detect the fraud after it has been committed, which results in a 3% recovery rate of the stolen funds.

UJAT Care would like to introduce you to the potential of the CareCube as the first real-time monitoring system that tracks and compares data collected onsite at the point of delivery to the billing data submitted to Medicare and Medicaid or private insurers. With CareCube you can detect fraud before paying the bill.

Our patent pending system is the only one of its kind to utilize multimedia environmental thermography, biometric and biomechancal sensors for collecting data on the physical actions of a caregiver and reactions of a patient. That data then filtered through the CareCube AI to determine billing fraud or elder abuse.

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